Worried on How to stay connected with your customers in crisis?

10 Ways to Step Up Your Social Media Marketing Strategy during Covid-19 Pandemic

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COVID-19 made our lives restricted But, not our passion to grow. The only effective way to stay connected with your customers and continue sales is ‘Social Media Marketing’ in the amidst of this miserable pandemic!

Social media holds an important place in our lifestyle now. Back in 2005, it was merely 5% of the people using social media. But, now social media usage has grown up to 74%. These social media platforms are no more just for entertainment rather has evolved to be the most effective tools to grow sales.

Digital Marketing Agency Malaysia swears by SMM fruitfulness and uses it in the best possible way to crack marketing deals. The benefits of social media marketing are endless when executed correctly.

Have a look on the key benefits of social media marketing for your business:

  • Promotes your business and increases brand awareness
  • Get exposure to a larger audience
  • Build a better connection with your audience 
  • Helps in getting increased website traffic
  • Generate more leads
  • Gain more sales and earn maximum profit

Facebook alone receives 4.4 billion visitors in a single month, Instagram has 500 million active accounts. So, you understand the ocean pool of opportunities you have when you opt for social media marketing.

With more than 25 lakhs Malaysians being active on Facebook every day, Facebook marketing Malaysia is highly in demand with the businesses to mark their presence in the digital world.

Now that we know how effective it is let’s check out the most effective social media strategies to get the best out of it.

Fix your Goals and Objectives

Fix your business goals and objectives and design your plans accordingly before you jump on to the social media marketing race. Remember your plans can be improvised as you progress to achieve your goals.

Top social goals

The best way to work on your goals is to write them. Write your goals and section them into smaller groups and assign time frames to complete it. As per studies around 40% of the marketers make their goal achievable when they write and act on them.

Follow these four pointers to make your goals attainable.

  • Use target numbers like follower count.
  • Set a deadline for each goal.
  • Make your goals specific and smart.
  • Make sure your goals are in line with your marketing strategy.

Study your Audience

The perspective of marketing has changed a lot. It is not just about selling but about connecting with your customers. Customer engagement and building a good relationship with customers make way for more sales. And for this, you need to study and understand your target audience well.

Follow these pointers to understand your customers well:

  • Do a proper survey on your target audience and try to understand them based on their action.
  • Check on their demographics
  • Get into conversations on forums where you have your target audience
  • Make sure to respond to comments on your blog, and also comment on other blogs to promote your brand.
  • Try to reply to all comments or questions on your social media channels making your actions interactive.
  • Collect feedback and reviews to remarket your brand

Once you get to know the desire, the need, and the pain points of your audiences it will be easy for you to build a connection with them.

Social engagement success rates

The more you value your audiences the better are the chances of cracking deals.

Run Social Media Contest

Don’t be a bore, make your social media activities exciting to spike up the audience’s interest. This is one of the most alluring techniques to engage your audiences. You may create contests for giveaways and shoutouts for the winners.

Social media contest

Try out these strategies to start with a contest:

  • Figure out your prime goals to be more specific.
  • Decide which social media channel will be best to hold this contest.
  • Decide on the timeframe and prizes.
  • Create the contest depending on your audience’s interest.
  • Promote your contest beforehand to grab maximum attention.

It is all about customer engagement with your brand, do not forget to spotlight your brand in the contest.

Crafting your Social Media Content 

Your social media post must be aligned with your business, focusing on the customer’s interests and needs. The post you create should be interesting and also relatable to the target audiences. Also, keep in mind your post will vary depending upon the social media platforms.

  • LinkedIn – It is all about professional networking good for B2B audiences. You may also use LinkedIn Pulse, to post your content, blog posts.
  • Facebook – Facebook is more personal and one of the most used social media sites. It is easier to have a personal connection with your audiences with this. Almost everyone has a Facebook account. 
  • Instagram – This is a perfect platform if your business can show good visual content. Static images and short videos work incredibly well with this platform. It allows you to convert your followers into your customers.
  • Pinterest – This is also a visual image platform, if you have products to sell uploading good images can make deals. It also redirects audiences to your website to know more about your brand.

Make sure you post the right content on the right platform to hit the right customers.

Minimize your Sales Tactics

The way of marketing has changed, brands are not sold but are for building a connection which in turn will give you sales. People are not into buying stuff they are more towards trust and good relationship with the brand to make their purchases.

Four crucial things your brand needs to create are:

  • Building trust with customers.
  • Provide assurance to your customers.
  • Have a good relationship with your customers.
  • Stay connected with them.

The more you focus on building a connection, sales are sure to follow.

Apply Video Content Strategy

Video is the most interesting and successful way to connect with your audiences. Also, videos allow you to get into different social media platforms and engage people.

social media video content

One of the most effective ways of video marketing is a live video. Live video is a boom in the market to interact and engage a larger section of audiences. This has been very popular in social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Facebook advertising cost in Malaysia is also rising, due to the popularity and demand to come up with creative content ideas for live videos in order to get maximum engagement. As people here have the live platform to question and know about your brand well, it is highly effective. In order to make them engage in this live video, your video content needs to be interesting.

Create Stunning Images

Good images are sure to grab the audience’s attention. Images are highly alluring to create visibility. You don’t need to be a graphic designer to create a stunning image post. You may use tools like Canva to craft designer images.

social media image post

Create good graphics for the following to make your brand look more attractive.

  • Good cover photos for every social media platform.
  • Images for your opt-in freebies 
  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram posts
  • Infographics
  • Pinterest graphics

Be creative with your images and add a personal touch to it to make it cohesive with your brand.

Connect with your Audiences

Your connection and relationship with your audiences will drive sales to your business. Also, raising your brand awareness is possible only when you connect. 74% of sales are driven by social media connections.

social media engagement

It is a very powerful tool to grow your business when done correctly.

Here are the tricks to connect with your target audience.

  • Interact in social media chats
  • Retweet on Twitter posts
  • Survey your audience and know their interest
  • Engage in Facebook groups with similar target audiences.
  • Reply to comments on your every post.

When you hit the right string, a huge number of audiences will automatically pour in.

Start or Join Facebook Group

When you have a community with people having similar likes and dislikes it is way easier to make sense of your ideas. This will not only help you to promote your business but also to learn from your competitor’s working on the same field.

Advantages of Facebook Group:

  • Get more website traffic
  • Makes brand promotion way easier
  • Connect with your audience in a factual way
  • Get good email leads
  • Grow your business and make more money

Being in a Facebook group is sharing a common interest and encouraging one another to promote business.

Promotion is the ultimate strategy

You might have great ideas but to make the world see it you need to promote it well. Your ideas and innovations for your business will only work when it reaches your target audiences.

Try out different ways and learn from the results to make it better. The key to promote is to make it entertaining and relatable to gain maximum attention.

Social media promotion

The social media world is too crowded, you need to be consistent enough to maintain your visibility. Follow these effective promotion strategies

  • Use cross-promotion between other social media platforms.
  • Collaborate with influencers to promote your business.
  • Run a social media contest to increase engagement.
  • Leverage other platforms you have access to.
  • Follow SEO-driven strategies for your blog post.

If your post and content are the pages then your promotion techniques are your book cover that will compel people to open and read it.

Wrapping Up

Social media seems to be very easy and fun, but social media marketing strategies are undoubtedly some serious tasks to work on. Digital Marketing Malaysia is also taking these social media marketing strategies seriously to boost sales and also grow businesses in the global market.

As you get into the journey of digital marketing it is a learning process as you move ahead. With every approach, you need to fine-tune your strategies to get into the winning one. Follow these strategies and also do not forget to experiment to make the maximum gain from social media marketing. 

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