Are you well prepared to promote your business in this midst of pandemic?

12 Digital Marketing Future Trends to Follow in 2021

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2020 has been the most unpredicted year of the century, with all the unprecedented happenings that have drastically changed our lives. With the global economic impact of the pandemic, the demand of digital marketing Malaysia is also growing. Many businesses, be it the SMEs or multinational companies are badly affected by the COVID-19 mishap. All the businesses are trying their best to cope with this situation resulting in the huge dependency on Digital Marketing Agency Malaysia. 

We never expected something this huge to happen this year that will turn our lives upside down. We were unprepared and unaware resulting in such massive loss both personally and professionally.

As it is said everything happens for some good, this situation has made all of us realize the need to transform our traditional way of business and marketing to deal with these kinds of misfortunes.

The pandemic has let people invest much of their time at home resulting in a major engagement on the internet. Starting with entertainment to all their needs people are looking for anything and everything on the internet. With such consideration, Digital Marketing is also experiencing its demand, businesses are shifting toward social media and Facebook marketing Malaysia.

We all are hoping for the end of this pandemic but be sure this trend of digital marketing will continue as this is the most sustainable approach of marketing to maintain your business. 

Future Trends in Digital Marketing

We have done thorough research on the market trends and practices and have listed down some key facts and figures to be followed to deal with the future marketing world.

Content will always be the King

As per the reports of the Content Marketing Institute, 93% of the content marketers remain committed to their content creation which results in good sales output. Content selling is becoming a crucial part of marketing as more and more companies are approaching to create marketing collateral. It is very important to create content that supports your business and sales thereby aligning the customer journey to its approach. Your content should always connect with your clients so try to make it as relatable as possible without losing the focus of your brand. In order to measure the impact of content marketing on sales, you need to set the right KPIs. Until and unless you get fruitful results from your content marketing your content is of no value.

Content is king

Single Marketing Software Provider

There are quite a number of marketing technology vendors that marketers can go roundabout. It is always advisable to have single marketing software to save marketers time and effort. With the growing demand for digital marketing Malaysia, there has been a trend to switch towards all-in-one marketing software. It is always advisable to have a single sign-on technology tool to ease up marketers’ life to battle efficiently in the field.

Hyper-Targeted Advertising

When we watch television or YouTube videos the interrupting ads become very annoying. People have the tendency to ignore or overlook the ads that are baseless and intrusive. This means the future is all about making your ads hyper-relevant and precise targeting the audiences. Do proper research on your target audience to understand their interest and need and accordingly frame your ad making it relevant and interesting for that section.

hyper targeting benefits

Voice Search

With the ever-evolving technologies around us, everything is getting much simpler. Voice search is another innovation that is reducing the typing efforts of users. The voice-driven search technique seems promising in the future. As per studies, it is said voice commerce sales are expected to reach $40 billion in 2022 in the US alone. So, don’t just overlook this, think about it for your brand’s promising future.

Voice search

New Marketing Jobs

With the growth of Big Data results with an enormous chunk of data companies will receive, there will be a high demand for Market Research Analyst to critically analyze and interpret the data.

As per Boston University research, it is predicted there will be an increase of 41.2% in the Market Research Analyst job by 2022.

Another marketing job, Growth hackers are taking its flight now. These marketers are into utilizing several digital marketing strategies and have a more experimental and lean approach to marketing. There is a big opportunity to open a pool of marketing jobs in the near future.


Personalization is the best way to show your customer you care and value them. It is all about analyzing customers’ behavior and interest and to promote similar products or services based on their fondness. One of the best examples is Amazon where they display similar products based on their customer’s interests or past searches right on the home page. Around 90% of the e-commerce sites are planning to have some kind of personalization in their apps and websites to reflect their care and attention to their customers.

Image 6: Amazon Personalization

amazon personalization

Sales and Marketing will Align

With the increased prevalence of technology like the marketing automation platforms is blurring the line between market and sales. 

Marketing automation

Marketing automation does facilitate closer cooperation between sales and marketing. There are high chances in the near future we may witness merging or a closer collaboration between sales and marketing teams.

Growth in Investment for Digital Marketing Industry

Nowadays more and more companies are getting inclined towards digital marketing. Business owners are gaining significant ROI from their digital marketing investment. As per Drum prediction, the global digital marketing software market is promoted to grow from $37.48bn in 2017 to $74.96bn by 2022. It is also said 80% of the marketing budget will move towards digital marketing by 2022 considering current trends and demands. The digital marketing industry is estimated to grow big due to the increased investment in digital advertising and brand awareness.

New Customer Behaviour

Customer behavior towards buying or availing something has changed with the changing world. With the growing social media engagement, businesses take the help of influencer and popular celebs to raise brand awareness. The fans and followers might get redirected towards your brand by these popular figures. Also, it has been seen 95% of the internet users look for video reviews where they get a proper explanation and description of the product and reviews they are looking for. You will have to adapt all these ways to match your customers’ behavior.


Customers have the tendency to stay loyal to a brand that provides complete transparency. It helps them build trust and confidence for the brand. Businesses failing to do the same are sure to fall out. It is not that customers are not aware that their data are being captured when they go online without their consent. This type of data capturing offend customers and triggers disbelief. Making the data exchange transparent will be more powerful in building trust.

Customer data transparency

An App to Help

With the progression of smartphones, people are getting addicted to it. And why not anything and everything we need is easily available in our mobile phones through apps. Starting from food delivery to holiday bookings everything is well-taken care by the mobile apps. So, in order to be in the online business and make the lives of your customers easier, mobile apps are a more suitable solution.

Rise of AI

We are closer to reach the stage where Artificial Intelligence will no longer be a buzzword. This will change the game of digital marketing as well. One such example is the Liana PR Cloud which contains an AI feature to identify the voice tone of online discussions and journalistic news and analyses to show you only the parts you would be interested in.

It is believed by the coming years almost every new software product will have AI features in it.

Wrap Up Time

There is a big battle coming up in the digital world, get yourself and your business prepared for the best. Invest in studying and learning these new trends and plan digital marketing strategies accordingly. 

Hope this article has helped you to understand these future trends. if you want to learn more on Social Media Marketing, check this article on about How to Grow Your Business Online by Social Media Marketing.

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