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15 Digital Marketing Trends Every Business Must Follow in 2021

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The growth of digital marketing was quite inevitable but the pace it is rising now and making businesses bow down, is worth realizing. Digital marketing has now become the top priority for most businesses. Thus, bringing up an ocean pool of opportunities for digital marketing Malaysia to reintroduce them in the global market.

For businesses who were quite skeptical to go with the new trend of digital marketing, the pandemic situation has made the point clear. If your business has the intention to stay in the competitive market race, it is wiser to adapt to changes and move towards digital marketing.

Not just businesses it is a big challenge for digital marketing agency Malaysia to go by and adapt to the fast-evolving changes of the digital world and serve best strategies for the businesses to grow bigger and faster.

Stop scratching your head, we have done our bit and have brought you the 15 digital marketing trends of 2020 not just to survive the market but also to make it large.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is a boon and also a threat to job cuts. No matter what thought you have on AI, it has proved to be a survival boon to many industries during this 2020 pandemic. This technology is here to stay and rule the world in the near future.

We can’t just blame it on the pandemic there are many other advantages for which businesses are willing to switch over to AI. 

AI helps businesses to understand their customers better. It studies customer behavior and search patterns and also uses data from social media activities making the business aware of their customers’ interests.

One such everyday example of AI is Google AI-powered predictions. It uses location data from smartphones and analyses the traffic on road. And in acquisition with the traffic app Waze, it can report any incident like construction, accidents, thereby suggesting commuters to avoid those routes and redirecting to a faster route.

We can see AI has been implemented by many businesses in areas like e-commerce transactions, email personalization, product recommendation, data analysis, etc. This is sure to take up 40% of the business activities leading to faster growth and sharper job cuts.

Programmatic Advertising

We all know the marketing ads have also been digitalized to a greater extent, but the buying of the ads has now been automated using AI, which we call programmatic advertising.

Programmatic advertising

One of the popular examples of programmatic advertising is real-time bidding of ad buying which allows a higher sales conversion rate and lower customer procurement cost.

It is estimated 86.2% of the digital ads will use this technology by 2021 and will change the game of the digital advertising world.


Chatbots are used to make the customer experience better. This AI-based tool does instant messaging at any point in time (24/7), giving the customer a feel of chatting with a real assistant.

Chat bots

As per surveys, the chatbot will empower 85% of the customer support service by 2021. This in turn will help businesses to save $8 billion per annum spend on customer support employees. Chatbots makes the customer experience way better as compared to customer support due to its instant responses to customer queries at any point in time.

Conversational Marketing

With the chatbots in demand, it is evident people are fond of interaction while doing business. Brands are after sending an immediate response to their customer queries making the customer experience better.

Conversational framework

It brings out a one-to-one real-time connection between customers and marketers, thus making them feel valued and cared for. This technology helps brands to reach out to their customer as per customers’ availability and feasibility. It is all about enhancing the user experience with a feedback-driven model building trust and loyalty for the brands.


To stand out from the crowd you need to be different and show your personal self to the world. This is true for brands as well, you need to come up with personalized content, product, email, and more.

Personalization pays

No one likes repetitiveness the same goes for customers as well, they get easily annoyed with generic ad campaigns. As per surveys, 90% of the customers find personalized ads much more appealing and tend to go with businesses that offer personalized experiences.

Video Marketing

This is one of the most influential tools of digital marketing in today’s time. 52% of consumers tend to get more influenced towards buying upon watching ad videos. And with the high engagement on social media sites, video ad posting and reaching out to a larger range of audiences has now become very easy. All you need to do is deliver interesting content to grab their attention.

Video marketing statistics

As per surveys, it has been noted that around 65% of consumers visit the website or connect to the vendor to make a deal after watching a video ad. 72% of businesses have found improved conversion rates with video marketing. 

Also, video marketing has no boundary you may choose multiple platforms for your video, and if it’s really entertaining it has the power to go viral even across the globe.

Influencer Marketing

It is all about building the trust of your brand by making leading personalities to talk about it. These are mainly social media, influential people who have huge followers and work on some kind of niche on social media, who will promote your brand. This type of promotion helps the followers of the influencer to get directed towards your brand and check on it. 

influencer marketing stats

Be it Instagram or Facebook marketing Malaysia, the influencers are highly in demand to promote brands and grow sales rates. Around 70% of consumers are ready to make purchases based on influencer recommendations. You might have seen many big brands and businesses have started promoting relatable real-life ad campaigns.

Social Messaging Apps

The social messaging apps are not just for texting your friends and families. Be it WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, or WeChat all these combined has more users than Facebook and YouTube.

Social media apps to connect

Due to larger engagement, these apps can be used as major tools to connect with your customers. Around 10 billion messages are being sent between businesses and customers on Facebook messenger every month. As people are more active on these messaging apps it is easier to connect to them and get a response.

These apps not just make it more accessible for business to connect to customers but also gives the customer a sense of security of the business presence on messaging app helping them to connect back when in need.

Visual Search

With advancement everywhere, visual search is a great introduction for online shoppers. Instead of typing people can upload a related image of what they are looking for and can get more specific results.

Visual search

Many big e-commerce websites like, Amazon, Shopee, Pinterest have implemented this feature to make the searches much easier for the customers. This is not just restricted to online shopping stores even the search engines have introduced this feature like Google Lens and Bing Visual Search to make the search more easy and precise for users.


Micro-moment is that precious moment when a potential customer makes the decision to change into a customer. There are four stages to reach this moment:

Micro moments
  • Knowing: When the person wants to know about the product/service.
  • Going: When the person is looking for nearby stores or services.
  • Doing: When the person is looking for help for assisting or guiding with the information about the purchase.
  • Buying: Finally, when the person is ready to make a purchase.

In order to take advantage of these crucial moments, you need to read customers’ minds and be well-aware of his actions to crack a sale.

Voice Search & Smart Speakers

It is all about making life easier and better. Voice search is another advanced tool making the search operation way simpler. Be it Alexa, Siri, and Google their voice assistance is helping us to build a smarter world.

Voice search

Around 50% of the searches in 2020 is being done by voice search. The smart speaker shipment in the global market has also grown from 9.36 million units to 26.1 million units. It is expected 55% of the homes to own smart speakers by 2022. The trend towards voice shopping is also increasing in many e-commerce sites.

Voice search is not just about upgrading your business strategies, it is about staying relevant and establishing a personal connection with your customers.

Social Media Stories

The trend of creating stories started with Snapchat and got its limelight with Instagram. Now, stories are part of almost all social media platforms.

As the stories remain for a limited time it creates the FOMO (fear of missing out) effect for the audiences.

Instagram stories

These stories if done correctly can help you increase brand awareness and traffic to your web page. This might lead to sales as well. This is a great way to connect with your potential customers to engage them with polls, quizzes, and interactions. You may also create live videos to interact with your audiences to know them better and answer their queries. All these help in building a relationship with your target audiences and thus growing your business.

Browser Push Notification

The online stores are completely taken over by browser push notification. Around 85% of the online store uses it to make people sign up with their brand. Also, the signup rate from push notification is way higher than email marketing campaigns.

Ecommerce push notification

People are more towards simpler methods of communication which push notification offers with fewer touchpoints. Digital marketing agency Malaysia is also taking this tool quite seriously and making its complete use to generate potential customer leads to the businesses.

Content Marketing 

Content will always be the king of marketing. Google has rolled out new norms in 2019 to rank up sites with simpler language content. In order to be listed on the top pages of Google, you need not have to follow the SEO trends rather you may work on your content, ad linking-backlinking, and make your website fast.

Content marketing statistics

Content marketing is cost-effective and also generates 3 times greater leads. Even for small businesses it is very effective and can generate 126% more leads than businesses without blogs.

SEO Split Testing

Online marketing is all about analyzing and studying the trends to get the best results. You may spit your marketing campaigns into sections and can test which one is giving you better sales and customer engagement results.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know the 15 must follow trends of digital marketing 2020, get started with these strategies to power up the businesses in the digital world.

Change is inevitably a way of life. It is important to incorporate good changes in order to make it big. 

Digital marketing agency Malaysia is adopting these trends and working on it extensively to lift the Malaysian businesses in the global market. It’s time to move ahead with new technologies and strategies to overcome all competitions and make it big.

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