Since the COVID-19 isn't going anywhere soon, know these tactics of digital marketing to sustain in business

5 Unique Strategies of Online Marketing to Battle the COVID-19 Downfall

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The COVID-19 pandemic has surely transformed our lives in all possible ways. It has been more than 9 months now and we are battling in some way to become familiar with the new normal way of living of social distancing, frequent hand washing, staying indoors. All these have become quite a difficult task to sustain with the unexpected scenario. 

Not just our lifestyle but this pandemic has hit hard to the economic structure of the world impacting almost all types of businesses. Since the change is too much with all the ill impacts COVID-19 has opened up new opportunities for digital marketing Malaysia as well. 

So, if you are someone who wants to expand your business or resume your business or participate in the game of online marketing to grow your business then this is the best time to get hold of this ever changing world of digital marketing.

With all the SMEs struggling to sustain themselves in the market, Facebook marketing in Malaysia is gaining its popularity to defend them.

No matter if you are a fresh starter in business or someone who is into a long-running business COVID-19 has surely brought adverse changes in sales conversion. Social Media Marketing or Facebook marketing in Malaysia can also help you to begin your digital marketing journey without making many expenses to grow your business and reach out to a larger section of customers.

Follow these trending tips to get on the game of online or digital marketing in Malaysia:

Always Be There To Help Others

In this current scenario where everything is not in place a helping hand will always be appreciated. Many businesses have tried this trick and have seen good results in return. One such example is from Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest, he opened up many of the premium features of Ubersuggest to go completely free. The free service has surely not profited him what he gained is more and more sign-ups in the last few months. This led many new customers to know his brand and business well who were not familiar with his services. This might in the future turn up to paid subscriptions.

With this graph, you will see how there was an increase in sign-ups when he opened his premium services for free.

Image 1 Free Sign Up Increase Graph

free sign up increase

When you do something good you will surely get back in return. The same thing happened to him as well many people appreciated his offer which went very helpful in this difficult time and has moved to a paid subscription and plan to help him out in return. This is kind of creating goodwill and trust of your brand by offering something valuable to your customers free of cost. The gain might not be instant but you will surely get it back.

The fortune of this trick didn’t end here there was a huge traffic load for Ubersuggest these made more and more people hit your site and know your business which might eventually convert into effective sales.

Analyze your business once again to check what you can offer your customer at low prices or free of cost, your offerings will surely pay you back which might not always be monetary. You may get a lot more visitors to your websites or social media accounts which is a form of indirect marketing that can later be used to turn into sales.

Paid ads Cheaper than never before

We often try to avoid the paid ad online marketing services because of its expenses. But, due to this COVID-19 one good change has come into the picture of online marketing, the costing of paid ads has gone down. The bid ad agencies make a huge profit by conducting auctions. It becomes very difficult for small and medium businesses to drive up to the Cost Per Click (CPC) ads. 

As there is not much small business advertising the competition for the inventory is also less, thus decreasing the CPC rate. In simple terms, with more and more people in the house, the traffic is more as compared to the advertisers consequently reducing the ad prices.

As per the recent CPC report chart, it has been seen paid ads are producing higher sales conversion rate post the pandemic hit.

ROI Paid ads Pre Vs Post COVID

This is the best time to invest in paid ads and gain the maximum so make the best use of it.

There’s always a Solution to low conversion

Many sectors have seen low conversion rates post COVID hit whereas some have seen high growth. Like the food, pharma, healthcare these sectors have seen a rise in market demand. Again, the travel, construction, retail sectors were the worst hit during this time. If you are someone unable to deal with the pain of the market downfall of your business stay calm there is always a way out. Bring your business online to sell your product or services you offer and add easy payment plans. In short, you may have customized payment plans where it becomes easy for your customer to bear the purchase cost thereby enjoying your brand.

You can have monthly or quarterly installment plans, you may also give 0 down payment and 0% interest on best deals, this will help you and your customer both to enjoy and continue the business.

Educational Based Training Always on Demand

Many people have faced the misfortune of losing their job or closing off of businesses. If you are planning to start something new for business Educational training programs can never go out of demand. With more and more people in house arrest are in an urge to learn something new or brush up their skills through online courses. People even with jobs are trying to groom them up better with a fear of the ongoing uncertainties. You may create online courses with video tutorials and interactive sessions to make the learning better and easier. If you want to know more to start your online educational training courses you may follow Neil Patel’s ways of selling online courses

Diversify your online business irrespective of Geographical boundaries

COVID-19 has impacted the entire world, with both personal and economic losses. Some countries are worst affected like the USA, Italy and some have survived to an extent like South Korea, New Zealand. If you are dealing with some businesses that can be accessed and be helpful internationally as well, you need to diversify your online presence. You may get through international SEO to gain more traffic beyond your country’s boundary thus reducing the dependency on a single country’s economy. Here is another example of Neil Patel’s website traffic swing for different countries:

usa seo traffic

You can see from the above charts, there has been no rise in the SEO traffic in the last few months for the USA, whereas for Brazil there has been a hike in SEO traffic for his site.

In order to play safer in business and overcome these kinds of difficulties, you can go for global SEO strategies if your business permits global marketing.


We all are waiting for the COVID-19 vaccine to come on at the earliest to get back to our normal lives. But till then we need to live with this new normal. To protect ourselves and our loved ones we need to abide by social distancing, healthy hygiene, and every precautionary norm possible. Though we cannot make any changes in our lifestyle until this is over, we can use this time to our full potential to make changes in our marketing approach, which can lead our business to a better place. 

Hope this article has helped you to understand these unique strategies if you want to know more you may check this article to help your business survive the COVID-19 pandemic better

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