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8 Lesser-Known Yet Important Features Of TikTok

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The popularity of TikTok did spread like a wildfire mostly among the younger population across the globe. Though China is the inventor, India and the USA are the largest contributors to this community. The app gained huge popularity due to its unique feature to allow people to engage and participate. Though there were many escalations made on the app, some powerful TikTok features have been introduced to counteract them. Despite all the controversies, the app has provided a platform for the common masses to showcase their real talent and skills.

Considering the latest TikTok features, marketers are in view of using this app as a potential tool to promote businesses. The pandemic has induced a thrust in businesses to go digital thereby pushing digital marketers to come up with new plans and ideas. With the same cause, Recently we can see that digital marketing Malaysia is advancing by adopting new tools and mediums like TikTok marketing to help businesses grow big. The huge involvement of Malaysian people with TikTok is making it vital for businesses to adopt it as a marketing tool.

The TikTok Users are familiar with the basic TikTok features, but there are some more that adds to its security and reliability. Let’s find out the hidden TikTok features.

1. Age Gate Restrictions

TikTok age restriction

TikTok has an age restriction for setting up an account. Users with a minimum age of 13 and above are allowed to set up an account. The user account goes through proper validation before the setup. This limits the underage group to get into the app platform. 

2. Restricted Mode

TikTok Feature restricted mode

This feature implies restrictions on minors for specific content. This customized setting featured is driven by a machine learning algorithm. This will not allow content to be visible for a certain section. This feature can also make the contents password protected with 30 days of validity. Viewers who want to watch the content can only do so by accessing it through a password.

3. Screen Time Management

TikTok Time restriction

TikTok had its allegation of involving youths way too much which is causing harm to the mental wellbeing of the teenagers. So, TikTok introduced a feature where you can monitor and keep track of the app time spend. You may select the time frame per day basis and once the time is over TikTok will ask for a password to log in. To continue using it, you need to provide a password for TikTok to grant permission.

4. Risk Warning Tag

TikTok Risk Tag

This tag adds warnings to contents that might not be suitable for all users. This will ask for permission from users before viewing. Upon the user’s consent, the content will be available to view.

5. Suicide Prevention 

TikTok suicide prevention

There are cases where people get into these apps to get away with loneliness and depression. In case of any abnormality or in need of a helping hand, users can get redirected to an in-app suicide page. This page provides support by offering tips and key contacts for users to connect to, for any issues and help.

6. Family Pairing

Family pairing

This is a very helpful TikTok feature to manage the involvement of teens on this app. Parents or guardians can keep an eye to restrict their children’s activity on this app. This TikTok feature allows parents to set safety standards through privacy settings to monitor and control their activities on the app. Through this feature, you can manage the screen time, enable restricted mode for contents, and also disable direct messaging.

7. In-app Reporting

violating content

This feature allows you to report on any inapplicable or objectionable content or activity on the platform. On the report, actions will be taken to scrutinize and remove the content or activity if found violating and also penalize the user for posting it.

8. Comment Filter Option

TikTok comment filter

This TikTok feature allows you to self define your words in your own language from the comment section which can also be altered when needed.

Wrapping Up

These hidden TikTok features are helpful for both Tiktok users and marketers to use the app more wisely. This will not just help you to post efficiently but also responsibly on this app. The introduction of these security features will help to eliminate the drawbacks of the app and manage it in a more responsible way. This will lead to more genuine engagement for the app to consider TikTok as a serious marketing tool for businesses

Though TikTok marketing has not been constructive yet, the companies and entrepreneurs are focusing more and more to use TikTok as a bigger promotional tool at present days. Digital marketing agency Malaysia alike the European and American Agencies have to consider TikTok as it has been a very powerful platform when it comes to audience engagement. And, now the latest TikTok features have made it a more secure platform for branding and marketing.

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