Do you know the required SEO strategies to grow your business online?

Ace the SEO Game with the 3 strategic Insights

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Digital Marketing Malaysia was in its usual progress, until this year when it took its peak, with the majority of businesses shifting online. More or less every business did understand the importance of digital marketing but this year made the businesses realize it’s the only way of survival. More than 15000 big brand retail stores got shut down this year, and many of them shifted towards online store for their business continuity.

Digital marketing is all about building a strong online presence of a business making it survive in every circumstance and also earn good revenues for its growth. With more and more businesses coming into the online world, the competition to be on top and being spotted has also increased. And, trust me framing apt SEO strategies has been quite brainstorming for the digital marketers now.

If you search in Google, there are many suggested SEO strategies, but remember the strategies will differ as per business. The next big challenge for the digital marketers and SEO experts is to frame a few strategies that would be commonly applicable irrespective of businesses and also design strategies specific to business needs. Not just the market the changing consumer behavior have forced marketers to count on consumer perspective while designing strategies.

This year has truly been a profanity due to the COVID pandemic impacting many lives, businesses, and the economy of the world. With so much so ongoing we still need to continue with the normal course, this time with more efforts to survive and revive ourselves.

The SEO professional and digital marketers are rebooting their strategies to make businesses cope up with the changing market and consumer behavior.

With this not so normal year coming to an end we have so many takeaways to prepare us stronger and better for the upcoming year. Here we list to you the three basic steps that need to be followed diligently irrespective of the business nature to strengthen the optimization of the online business.

1. Use Google Analytics and Search Console for Site’ Performance Analysis

We all know how important it is to analyze website performance from time to time. Tools like Google Analytics and Search Console together will help you to get a clear picture of your website performance. So, before you move ahead with a new target for the new year revisit the Analytics and Console reports.

advanced seo chart

Let’s consider one site evaluation starting from 1st March 2020 to 30th September 2020, as per the above chart report there is been a reduction in site traffic by 11.7% and also in revenue by 8.5%. For a deeper analysis, the organic search results have gone down by 23%. Instead of setting your focus on revenue stats work on the organic traffic data. So, next year the target should be getting back the organic search results by a minimum of 23%.

Another stats that should be considered is comparing your website’s performance with your competitors. Check on the sites that are outperforming your site in terms of organic traffic and conversion rates. Introspect on what are your site missing as compared to the outperformer competitors.

search console chart

Next come’s the search console reports, starting from June 1, 2020, to September 30, 2020. As per the above stats, the search terms have reduced by 0.6% whereas impressions have reduced by 5.1%, but the CTR has increased by 4.8%. The rise in CTR has resulted in the positioning to move ahead to 22nd from 23rd. Organic search has always been the driving factor to a higher conversion rate. In this case, it accounts for 38.1% of the last conversion rate and 48.2% for assisted conversion.

last click or direct conversion

Every business owner understands it’s the SEO that can yield you higher revenues than anything else. It acts as fuel to your business in terms of growth and revenue and it should be the last to be thought to cut down.

2. Keyword Research with changing customer behavior

The current year has led to a drastic change in customer behavior and market trends. Even if the keyword you chose is working well this year might not give you the same result next year. There is a need to do fresh research on the popular keywords suited for your business. There are tools like Ahref to check for keyword density and suitability.

Apart from the keyword density tools, Google added another new aspect called ‘Grow My Store’ to evaluate the website as per the changing world. Although this tool does not give any keyword suggestions sit definitely provides better insights for website from the customer perspective.

website report

Let’s consider one site example for the report analysis. The report is showing the website score to be 69% which is good but it also provides some additional suggestions that can’t be look over.

  • Reviews and ratings are missing. 36% of the retailer overlook this part.
  • Spot on your one day or next day delivery option.
  • Highlight your free return and easy exchange policy.
  • Add chatbots to your site for answering customer queries.
  • Make your site fast responsive to Mobile platforms
mobile responsive design

These additional suggestions, specially designed from the customer perspective will surely bring positive changes to your site performance by improving the user experience of the site.

3. High-Quality Content is the King Always

As per Google, quality content is the key to optimize your site and nothing can replace it. Adding meaningful, interesting quality content will increase traffic to your website. This is very much needed for your homepage. Useful content will attract visitors to your site and also other webmasters for site linking. Also, if your content is captivating enough visitors will spent more time on your site.

Content startegy

Come out of the box, instead of seeing things as they are, wonder about the things they are not and they could be. In simple words make your content aligned to your business and as per customers’ intentions. Think from the customer end, instead of what you are selling or serving focus on your content on how this will help your customers. Frame your content highlighting customer’s journey and their pain points and how your product or service will make their life easy. Once you are able to hit that tune of customer’s emotion you are all set and ready for more visitors.

Contents can be of many forms, blogging, videos, images each of them has its own fan base. Make sure you play with all three of these and check which one works for you better. Also, not to forget the updating of existing content, this also helps in optimizing your site by keeping the old content relevant to the current times.

When we talk about content, it is not just restricted to websites use social media platforms to upload and share content posts be it images, blogs or videos, thereby raising your brand awareness and gaining more visibility. In the past few months, there has been a hike in the Facebook advertising cost Malaysia due to its high demand from Malaysian businesses. If done correctly Facebook provides you a huge platform to gain customer attention and good content posting and regular interaction make the customer conversion chances higher.

Wrapping Up

The online market has become the biggest competition ground today, businesses are struggling to make their mark online. Also, the trends are changing faster than ever, so the strategies that are being framed should consider the latest trends. The pandemic has majorly affected the world’s economy thereby impacting our lives and earnings. In order to revive businesses and also to immune it from unforeseen demarcation, digital marketing agency Malaysia is putting in more efforts to redesign productive SEO strategies to trigger the growth in businesses.

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