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Digital Marketing Trends to Rocket Your Business in 2021

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As we approach the end of this exceptional year, we have experienced and learned a lot to adapt ourselves as per the ongoing changes. The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us to be more prepared for the unpredictable situation. Even businesses who have not taken digital marketing seriously have seen their downfall during this pandemic time.

It was only the digital connectivity that kept business running even with so many hindrances.

There has now been constant pressure on businesses to build a strong online presence in order to progress and maintain continuity. Thus, there is a huge opportunity created for digital marketing agency Malaysia to work and come up with the best strategies to uplift the businesses in Malaysia. It is difficult to say how things will be in the future, but it is possible to shield and prepare your business for all kinds of odds.

Upon extensive research on statistics and trends, we are ready to share with you some of the most effective digital marketing trends that will prepare your business for future market changes.

World Class Customer Service

The world is changing, so is customer behavior. It is no more about selling your product or service, but it is more about making your customer happy and letting them know how your business will help them. Good customer experience will make the customer come back to your business looking for more. Also, a good relationship with a potential customer and making him/her happy throughout their exploration journey can turn the person into a new customer. 

importance of customer service

With this fast world, the customer expects all their queries to be answered asap. Any delay in the customer journey can make them say ‘Goodbye’. The proper coordination of good customer service and the skilled digital marketing team will make your task easy to deal with your customers.

When you plan your content, be it your blogs, social media posts, or video ads, don’t tell your customers what your business offers rather say them why they need it and how much they might be deprived if they don’t have it. Make it more relatable for them to understand better.

Always remember the performance, convenience, competency, friendly service, and easy payment options are the factors that determine the user experience of your online business.

Employee Activation 

Your employees are the real representatives of your brand. Good interaction between your employees and your customers is an important part of your marketing journey. Just as keeping your customer happy is important, preserving your employee’s happiness and work satisfaction is also very essential.

You need to make sure your employees are satisfied and motivated with their job. This will encourage them to perform better for fruitful outcomes. Try making your workplace attractive for employees to engage and spillover happiness onto the customers. A personal touch to their conversation with the customers can make a huge difference to sway customers’ minds.

Happy employee means happy customers

Also, make sure your employees are knowledgeable enough to build up a satisfying conversation with the customers. Held up proper training and learning sessions to groom your employees well for solid employee-customer interaction.


Good visual content can grab customer attention in a much quicker way. As per research, people favor visual content as compared to plain text. It is quite obvious from the growth of the image focussed platforms like Instagram, Pinterest.

Visual contents fact

93% of all communication is visuals, that is why visual content drives our attention and compels us more. Even imagery posts tend to receive more engagement as compared to a normal text post. Using well-optimized images and videos will make your post much more interesting and attractive for the audiences.


Who doesn’t love to be valued and cared for? Personalization marketing intends to do the same for the target customers. Study your audiences well and know their interest to play the trick. Instead of what you are giving emphasize how much you value them and based on their interest what can offer them to ease their life. Try making it relatable with their lives.

Personalized marketing

As per the survey by Epsilon, 80% of the consumers will go with a brand that provides a more personalized experience. Every person gets flooded with marketing messages every day, what grabs their attention is personalizing the message aligned to the consumer’s interest.

Strategic Marketing Transformation

As you wish to grow in the online market following the latest trends and technologies is very essential especially this year where things are transforming so fast. You also need to be careful while implementing these new trends and technologies. Not all are applicable for your business, make sure your marketing strategies are aligned to your business goals.

Strategic marketing transformation is all about evolving your business by changing its fundamental business processes and procedures. You need to research and study and also learn from results which strategy will work best for your business to reach its goal.

Featured Snippet in Google Search

Getting on the top page of Google is every website’s goal, but have you noticed the search behavior of users on Google has changed a lot. With the fast-changing world, we want all our queries and solutions to be the fastest, this is what Google is serving now. 

When you search some queries in Google you may have noticed a section on top before the start of the organic search result where you get your answer, this is called on-SERP information. Instead of opening any website link from the top results, you may easily get your query answered from the on-SERP info.

Featured snippet

Digital marketing agency Malaysia is earnestly working on the techniques to figure out the trick to get spotted on position zero, as on-SERP info stands ahead of the organic search results. Apart from being on the top pages of SERP businesses are now after getting into this position zero.

Voice Search

Voice search is widely accepted by the people and has been a major influencer for brands in terms of marketing. As of now, 20% of the online searches are being driven by voice search, which is expected to reach 50% by next year.

Voice search optimization

Smart speakers like Google Home, Amazon Echo has created a boom in the market. Many offices and even homes have started using this smart speaker to ease up their life. Even if you are not thinking of voice advertising it is important to get your content optimized with voice search. Voice search adds a personal touch to your customer connection.

AI Automation

AI is the next big technology after voice search to take over the marketing business. We have seen the introduction of AI technologies in the form of automated chatbots on many websites. This technology helps in automating the mundane marketing efforts letting marketers focus on the strategies.

Big data along with AI support helps businesses to know more about their target audiences by monitoring data stat. This helps them to prepare their business strategies better in alignment with the audience’s interest.

Customer Retention and Loyalty

When you are looking towards growing your business your goal becomes gaining more customers, but don’t lose focus from your existing customers. This is a common mistake every business does, the market is very competitive if you don’t show your interest in your existing customers you are sure to miss out over other competitors.

Customers loyalty

Existing customers are like assets to your brand and increase its value. The recurring customers also help in adding reputation to your brand by their valuable reviews and also helps in raising brand awareness.

Live Video

Live videos are extremely popular among social media users. Its worth is expected to rise over $70 billion by 2021. Normally videos are the most entertaining medium to connect to your users, and live videos make it more interesting allowing people to interact and connect in real-time.

Live video streaming stats

This is a great way to grab the attention of your target audiences by engaging them and making them part of the live video. It also infuses the FOMO trap for the audiences as the videos are for a limited time and might not be seen again. If you can build up the live video session well your audiences will surely want to be a part of it.

Account-Based Marketing

It is a form of personalized based information conveying to specifically targeted people in the lead roles looking over some department. All departments might not be served with the marketing strategy changes and also the ways the department will be beneficial might not be the same.

So, it sends specific information regarding their department operations affected by the changes. This will be an aid for large corporate businesses to sync different departments with the business changes.

Gen Z as Influence Marketing

Gen Z is categorized among people born between 1995-2010. These people have seen the digital revolution and will be the runners of the show. This generation has different perceptions and views on the market and is more welcoming towards new changes.

influencers marketing stats

To please this section of audiences through digital marketing would be a much more interesting task, who will welcome changes but will look for better innovations. It’s time to focus on this generation to plan up any marketing strategies rather than pleasing the Millennials.

Market with More Diverse Audiences

With digitalization, the scope to reach out to the global market is way easier now. Even small businesses can get into the global market with correct digital marketing strategies. But, what is important is to please and get hold of the audiences of diverse cultures and traditions.

When you target audiences from different places, their behavior and interest do vary, and you need to align your business strategies as per their engagements. One good way to achieve this is having employees from different cultures and communities that help you to sway as per their style to grab audiences’ attention from other places.

Integrated Online-Offline Customer Experience

Businesses who were skeptical about digitalization, have experienced the devastating results of this pandemic. With the changing world, you need to adapt to the changes and align your strategies accordingly.

This lockdown has taught us how much online presence is necessary not just for businesses but for consumers as well to continue with their purchases and meet their needs. This surely doesn’t mean the physical store will get completely wiped off. People will still visit the physical stores but brands need to understand they need to balance up the online and offline presence for a smooth continuity of the business plan. Also, the introduction of VR and AR will make the online shopping experience way convenient and better for customers.

Responsible Consumerism

Today’s Gen Z consumer group is more responsible shoppers. They don’t just shop but also look into the other aspects of sustainability, environment, brand name before any association. Brands that take care of social responsibility and go by sustainable practices are here to get more customer engagement.

Responsible consumerism
bottles can be recycled as easily as newspapers or cardboard, and will be fully biodegradable—including their caps

Businesses that won’t follow these ethical norms will be left behind as customers are more towards brands with values and responsibilities. Brand responsibility is way above marketing, if your business takes care of this aspect, it will surely have a larger positive impact on the targeted customers.

Wrapping Up

As we are heading towards the end of the exceptional year 2020, we should get ourselves and our businesses well-prepared to combat all possible situations. Let’s thrive on and adapt the modern technologies and strategies to climb up the stairs of success. Focus on building the customer relationship to get better engagement and sales.

Never forget content will always be the king in marketing and will continue to dominate the digital marketing world. Digital marketing Malaysia agencies are in constant demand to come up with creative content ideas for businesses. Get a consultation with the digital marketing experts and give wings to your business.

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