Wondering How to Become a TikTok Pro?

From a Beginner To Become a TikTok Pro Follow These Steps To Evolve

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TikTok has been one of the most downloaded apps for the past two years. Little did we know this entertainment app will take over the entire youth and now the businesses as well. TikTok had incredible growth in the past few years, but with the advent of the pandemic, the thrust to use the app was even more.

In Malaysia itself during this MCO period, the download and usage of the app were way higher. Malaysians started using this app to watch videos, show up their skills, and explore much more. This made the digital marketing agency Malaysia to rethink the online marketing strategies and include TikTok as one of the tools to reach out to more audiences.

Scope To Grow Big On TikTok

TikTok is now not just limited to teenagers and youth crowds. Even businesses can go viral on TikTok and raise their brand awareness. Also, you may use TikTok videos to promote your business on other social media platforms. What is needed is to build a strong TikTok profile for your brand to stand out from the crowd. A quality profile has the potential not just to promote a business but also to act as an influencer.

Tiktok pro

Let’s check out the essential steps to build a strong TikTok profile for business:

Choosing a Profile Picture

We all know how much profile picture is important for all social media accounts, the same goes for TikTok as well. When someone will search you, they will first look for your profile picture, if that is not pleasing enough, the game will end there. Even in suggestion, it is the profile picture that appears on the user’s screen, if it is interesting enough then the user will click on the profile and look for rest.

Tiktok profile pic

Protip: Do not over-edit your profile picture. Many people upload pictures with too much editing, which makes it blurred, dark, or too weird. Make sure your profile picture is clean enough to portray you as a Tiktok Pro!

Writing a Bio

Your profile bio is more of a one-two-liner resume to attract correct audiences. This takes you one step ahead to become a Tiktok pro! Many people fail to write an attractive bio and thus lose followers. I agree writing less but telling more, also in an attractive way is quite a task. 

TikTok profile bio

So, what should be written in bio?

You need to specify the type of your content, why you are outstanding, why they should follow you, What and why you are offering, and your purpose and belief. Also, do link back your TikTok profile with other social networking sites to get followers from all corners. 

Protip: Makes sure your bio content is free from grammatical and spelling errors.

Build a Content Plan

Like any other social media success story, TikTok also works on consistency. If you are not consistent enough your competitors are all set to take your place and you will soon be lost. Around all TikTok Pro post their content almost every day.

Tiktok pro content calender

As a beginner, it can be difficult at first so instead, of everyday try to post a minimum of 4 days a week. Plan your content ahead so that their no pressure of running out of ideas. You may maintain a sheet for your content ideas and execute it day wise. This will help you to monitor your task.

Protip: Schedule and document your contents ahead so that you never fall short of it.

Think Different

With millions of contributors to the app, you need to think differently to stand out from the crowd. Framing unique content does not need to be complicated rather try to make it more simple and relevant for your target audiences. Pick something that is relatable to the daily lives of your audiences this will attract them more. 

Think differently

You may also take inspiration from other popular TikTokers working on different niches and can alter and apply to your niche content ideas to become a TikTok pro.

Protip: Get inspired and do not copy, implement it to your way.

Take Part In TikTok Challenges

TikTok is incomplete without the challenges, if you want your profile to be trending do take part in these challenges. Keep a check on the ongoing challenges through the discover page. Pick one that is close to your niche, try to add your skills showcasing your talent through the challenge.

Tiktok challenge

This will make it easy to go viral as the first challenge videos tend to get more organic views and traffics. If you are promoting your business make sure you are able to do so through the challenge video.

Protip: While you post a challenge make sure to use trending music and hashtags.

High-Quality Video

This is all TikTok about when producing high-quality videos like a TikTok Pro. Video creation on TikTok is very easy, but what is important to get more views depends on the quality of the video. Most users use a phone to record their video but the camera quality should be good enough to get clarity. A poor video will never please your audience even if the content idea is good. Viewers will easily skip and move to others.

high quality video shoot

You may also use external video editing tools to better your video quality. TikTok itself provides many tools to impoverish your videos in the app itself and upload it.

Protip: Use proper lights and angels to shoot to project clarity.

Engage and Model Other Top Creators

Take inspiration and learn strategies from other successful creators. Follow them not just on TikTok but on other social media platforms and check how they post, what are their content ideas, and how they interact with their target audiences. You need not have to copy everything from them get inspired by their work and think about how to implement them with your own ideas.

Do post comments on other creator’s post or give a shout out or share. This will expose you to their audience network which in turn can make your gain new audiences. Not just creators, do interact with your audiences as well this creates a bonding that will last long.

Protip: Along with post be kind enough with commenting and replying to others. 

Collaborate & Cross-Promote Your Content or Brand

Share your content post on other social media platforms as well to let your followers from other platforms know about your TikTok profile. This might also result in the addition of new members in TikTok and TikTok will reward you in return.

Collaboration works very well with TikTok. You may collaborate with other TikTokers through duet videos and get exposed to their audience network. This will help both the collaborators, make sure the partner you chose works on the same niche, and the audience interest for the creator is also similar to yours.

Protip: Don’t go for big popular TikTokers for collaboration reach out to creators who have moderate audiences and that fall into the same niche.

Live Videos

TikTok has a feature that grants you to conduct live videos when you have 1000 followers. With respect to other platforms, it is easier to gain 1000 followers with quality content here. Livestreams help you create better bonding with your audiences by showcasing your real personality and interacting with them. When you go Live it sends a notification to all the followers, this again helps in raising awareness of your profile.

live video

Once you create a good bond and trust with your audiences, you may turn into an influencer to promote brands & businesses.

Protip: Promote ahead well before your live stream to get more audiences.

Wrapping Up

All these tips will work when you have quality content ideas to showcase. TikTok is driven by entertaining and interesting content that not just viewers enjoy but also triggers them to take part in the challenges. No matter if it is your personal profile or business profile if your business targets youths this is the best platform to raise awareness. Many well know businesses like Guardian Malaysia, Watson Malaysia are using TikTok to promote their business.

With so much popularity and engagement, agencies of Digital Marketing Malaysia is widely considering TikTok for brand promotion and customer engagement.

Don’t hesitate it’s the best time to start your profile and bring out the best you can offer to the world.

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