Thinking to start the Social Media Marketing campaign?

Get Prepared With The 4 Vital Questions To Lead The Social Media Marketing Game

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Digital transformation has been strikingly overwhelming this year. Many small to large-scale businesses have taken their step forward towards digital transformation. Earlier, local businesses were skeptical about the effectiveness of digital marketing Malaysia. But, this year it has been a do or a die situation. Bringing your business online is the online way to survive the pandemic loss. As consumers are restricted to their homes, it’s the business marketer who needs to reach out to them. This is only possible by adopting digital marketing strategies.

In digital marketing, social media is one of the most popular and effective tools to market your business. Recently we have observed a huge engagement of local businesses and consumers through Facebook advertising in Malaysia.

If you are someone who is planning to market your business through social media marketing before you jump start to prepare yourself well by answering these four questions. As social media platforms give you a pool of audiences to interact and make conversion quicker, make sure you are clear with your business objectives.

Here’s how we will help you to get started:

What are your business goals?

The business goal for start-up and existing business vary. For start-ups, the goals are more towards exploring social media marketing through different platforms and understanding the audiences. Start-up goals are more specific to raising brand awareness, experimenting with ideas, building trust among audiences. For an existing business, it is more about expanding their business, increasing sales and conversion rates, getting new leads. It is all about elevating business growth.

setting business goal

Once your business goals are clear work on the success metrics. Is it the likes you want to measure or the want to ignite a spark among people on some issue or willing to inspire on some goodness? Whatever your metrics are it should be aligned to your business goals.

Achieving your metrics with a high volume response is quite challenging. While you define your metrics add a timeline and budget to track its progress. Well-defined goals and metrics will give you get a clear idea of how to start and would also redirect you to the next step.

Which social media platform is suitable?

There are so many social media platforms available to increase connectivity. But not all social media platforms might be suitable for all kinds of businesses. You need to choose it correctly or it would turn to be wastage of any kind of investment.

social media platform selection

The selection of social media platforms largely depends on your customers’ identity, engagement, preferences, and demographics. Research properly to understand which are the platforms you may find most engagement from your target audiences. For example: If you are offering some training or learning programs, the correct set of audiences would be available on LinkedIn. For travel enthusiasts, it would be again Facebook, Instagram. Your business nature and the target audience’s preference determine the selection of the correct social media platform for your business.

What about the content strategy?

Content is and will always be the king for marketing strategy. Businesses with quality content have 7.8 times more followers than others. Also, 78% of customers get influenced by quality content. Even if you are well prepared with strategies, budget, agencies’ lack of engaging content ideas will make everything fall apart. If you are a newbie, one suggestion would be, try out all forms of content posting be it blog, images, videos, and check what works best for you. Typically the content form majorly depends on your business nature but again you should not stick to one. This will help you explore more and also make your post interesting.

content creation

While framing content make sure it is simple and relatable to your target audiences. Also, it should highlight your marketing goal, keeping it aligned to the customer’s perspective. Instead of explaining what you are selling talk about how the product/service will be beneficial for your customers. And also pinpoint what they will miss if they don’t get the product/service. Your content must have the power to make an emotional connection to your audience that showcases their pain points with the remedy you offer.

Are you well-prepared to connect with target audiences in real-time?

Social media marketing is considered to be one of the most powerful tools of online marketing. It not only helps you to promote your business but also allows you to build a relationship with your target audiences. A stronger relationship with your audiences makes it easier for customer conversion. 

live video

Apart from posting content on social media, you will also need to connect with your audiences by replying to comments, commenting on other group posts, fast response on chats, arranging quizzes, polls, online events for audiences, live videos. As per the recent survey, 82% of the consumers stated their preference to be live video over social posts. Also, live videos create a sense of FOMO among audiences, as it gets removed after the live session is over unless recorded. This FOMO sense makes people engage and make more sales during a live video. Recently there has been a hike in Facebook advertising cost Malaysia, as businesses are in huge need of productive ads contents to target customers on Facebook as it provides the largest pool of audiences to connect. As per the survey reports 92% of marketers do prefer Facebook advertising, as compared to other social media advertising as this gives flexibility to micro-target your audience. 

Wrapping Up

Do remember as social media offers you a pool of customers, the competition here is way tough and challenging. You need to stay creative and consistent with your social media activities, or you might get lost in the crowd. Every day marketers are coming up with new strategies and ideas for businesses to get into the limelight of social media networks. The struggle is big, but not impossible to achieve if you are determined with your business goals and welcoming to new trends and tactics.

Apart from this, you will always find a helping hand from the best digital marketing Malaysia agency to guide you through this path. The digital marketers in Malaysia are working tremendously to lift up the country’s economy by bringing back the Malaysian business on track in the global market.

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