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How Facebook Marketing Will Boost Your Local Business in 2020

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Facebook, the world’s largest social network experiences changes year by year but what’s changed in 2020? We always expect changes in user behaviors based on the shifts of the social platform algorithm itself that normally happens every year. Facebook marketing decisions naturally impacted by these changes, which is nothing odd. 

This time, we’re going to expose to you some of our predictions on Facebook changes in 2020 and after that, we’ll show you some guidance on what to focus more on in 2020 for you to have a little vision on your business’ Facebook marketing plan. 

What’s next on Facebook?

Mobile is Life

Believe it or not, most people nowadays have mobile phones no matter what age or gender from a 6 years old girl to 87 years old grandpa. Mobile usage has grown rapidly in Malaysia and people are getting to really dependant on it. Most people use mobile phones for work, communication, transportation, entertainment, education or pretty much, everything! Even people who don’t have enough running water or electricity in their home owns a mobile phone.  

Life with Mobile

Facebook’s 2020 insights show user behaviors experience thrilling shifts. These will definitely pose challenges as well as create opportunities for marketers. But then again nothing is impossible, you just have to know the right way which we will cover you in the next section. Another insight for 2020 is that millennials take over half of the world’s workforce and more people are viewing themselves as ‘citizens of the world’.  

Hence, your decisions on Facebook marketing Malaysia should incline with the weight of the importance of mobile and the prominence of millennials in the market world. 

Users Shift

Up to this year, Facebook still grips the award for the largest and most used social platform, but to be honest that is not all to it. The trend shift in recent years where Facebook has lost millions of users, and we predict the number of users will continue to decline.

The main demographic, millennials, most of them quit the social network altogether. Their concern about privacy and data or plain weariness of social media is the main reason they cited in leaving. 


We have seen people use the method of marketing on social platforms and to be honest, as a key social media marketing strategy, this still goes on in 2020. Many brands still see good feedback and return from influencer marketing. A key to social media marketing, influencer marketing still goes on in 2019, in fact, many brands still see good investment and return value from this. It is also pretty obvious that business owners and marketers are still in favor of using this type of marketing in 2020. 

But a recent study shows that audiences don’t trust celebrity influencers as much as they did once. As trust is the main goal of marketing, this could be a major problem.

Trust in Business

But fret not! A number of successful brands have shown some other ways of capitalizing on influencer marketing which is by shifting to “micro-influencers”. They are local and mostly not really known influencers who have authority in there are of expertise. This sets up to a new and useful trend that we expect will continue into 2020. 

Learn more about the Power of Social media influencers here.

What to do for 2020?

Value is Attractive

Brands or marketers might find it harder to get audiences to engage as they could before as the number of Facebook users drops. Posting content and expecting instant engagement is no longer the drill. Marketers must provide real value now from marketers in order for it to be effective. Simply speaking, digital or content marketing like Facebook marketing should be useful and entertaining. Your content must speak to and about your audience. Take the necessary steps in it so that every content is assured useful and valuable to your users. You can also connect with a Digital marketing Malaysia agency for content planning and creation.

Make it Variety

We know how Facebook’s users continue to decrease especially the younger ones. Users are taking up new social media platforms such as Tik Tok alongside with Instagram and Snapchat. Our point is, business owners and marketers need to step up the game and add in two or more social networks, but not too much. Hosting campaigns on more platforms gives you a way to learn more about where your audience spends their time the most and how to communicate with them best. Eventually, these will change from time to time which gives you more reason to invest.  

It’s Millennials Market

Your product will define entirely who your target audience is. Nonetheless, millennials now rule on Facebook. Being the largest demographic on Facebook, millennials are where you need to look at. Keep in mind that this group is going to hold the power of purchasing as we move forward. Look at the chart from The Infinite Dial below and you’ll how they dominate Facebook for the past years.

Demographics on Facebook

Now if your audience consists of Gen-X or Baby Boomers, then you can think of how to home in on their niche market in a millennial-dominated world.

Build Communities

Facebook advertising now vs ten years ago depicts huge differences as it has become more competitive and expensive. Building your very own community will help saving you a lot of money for Facebook marketing. People buy because of people, remember that. Having your own community really helps you to build more and more audiences and customers ahead of the time. You can build the community using Facebook groups or generate discussion that’ll promote them to engage with you on your page. 

To draw more interest to your community, micro-influencers always helps. Keep on connecting with them so mind to always respond to every post with valuable comments. 

Online Community

User-Generated Content First!

Users nowadays are getting more suspicious and skeptical over branded advertising and content. As I said, people buy from people, they trust recommendations from real people, even better if its family and friends. User-generated content (UGC) will also inspire campaigns just like micro-influencers does in 2020. Make sure it is a part of your social media marketing as we could say this is pretty effective.

Competitions you’re hosting must encourage users to post photos and tell stories about your brand or product or that relates to it. Tailor your UGC campaign to your audience and industry, be creative.

Measure and Monitor

Every part of Facebook and marketing campaign should be measured by marketers. The better the insights, the better the change you capable of making your campaign more successful. You should never look down on the importance of measuring and monitoring your results as the Facebook environment becomes tougher on marketers in 2020.

performance measure

Be sure to measure your campaigns with Facebook insights. After that, you split test your content and advertising and figure out what suits best your brand at the moment.

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