During this Covid-19 Pandemic, Social media is your only marketing tool to reach out to your audience, Find out why!

How to Grow Your Business Online by Social Media Marketing?

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The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has changed our lives drastically. This has also altered daily businesses and user behaviors. The market practice has taken a sharp turn towards online marketing. With a shift towards online marketing, Social media marketing has been proved to be one of the most effective platforms to advertise your business to larger audiences. Especially for small business owners or fresh entrepreneurs social media marketing is the best and inexpensive way to reach out to their target audiences. It gives an opportunity for business owners to build lasting relationships with their customers and gaining their trust. The best thing is all these can be done maintaining a safe distance considering the current COVID situation. You don’t need to meet your clients in-person to pursue them for your business. All these things can be taken care of by having social media accounts. 

The adverse effect of COVID-19 is posing major challenges to businesses across the globe. The barrier in person-to-person connection has resulted in the wreckage of the business to customer linking, even big companies have experience loss of potential customers. So, in order to carry on with your business, it is very important to stay connected with your customers no matter what’s going on with the world. You have so many competitors if you lose connection with your audience it will be hard to get them back.

Just like the rest of the world digital marketing in Malaysia is gaining its popularity for the businesses to get through to this tough time. Even SMEs are also relying on digital marketing to grow their business. Social Media Marketing Malaysia is also reaching its peak among SMEs and fresh entrepreneurs. It is not always necessary to have a website to brand your business, social media marketing can do its bit to brand your business well. If you plan and strategize your social media marketing well you are sure to grow your business reaching out to more customers as compared to traditional marketing strategies.

With thorough research on the latest market trends, we have compiled six strategies of social media marketing and Facebook advertising in Malaysia to help you grow your business during this pandemic.

1. Stay consistent and continue high-performance ads

The basic tip to start with is no matter what goes on, you need to stay consistent on your social media pages. As there is so much so going on the news feed if you don’t stay consistent people will tend to forget you soon. Post something at least twice a week to assure your audience you are there for them. Also to add, Facebook is going through a lot of changes due to much engagement. Facebook’s Director of Product Management Rob Leathern has suggested extending your high-performance ads for some time, as there will be a new review policy for new ad campaigns and this will take time. When you submit a new ad or edit one it will be reviewed considering new policies that might get delayed or errored. Facebook has linked with automated systems to review and commerce listings. To avoid any disruption to your ad and your presence on Facebook extend the delivery period of your existing ads.

Facebook Ads

2. Let your audience know more about your brand

When it is about business on Facebook or Instagram there is nothing called bragging. Keep on bosting more and more about your brand and business to your audience. Let them know more about your business each time you post. The more people see your post they will remember and understand you better and would connect to you more. Try to make simple yet relevant content that highlights your business and how people will get benefited from them. Stay relatable and engaging, try to come up with innovating content to brand your business and make interaction with your audience. You may post quizzes, opinions, polling, even offers, and sales to engage and grab the attention of your audience that might someday turn into a sale. Share your latest news about the business or any new launch to make them aware of all happenings of your business to stay relevant.

Facebook post consistency

3. Gain new Facebook leads and build email marketing community from the list

Facebook lead ad helps you to find new people who might be interested in your brands and services. It also allows you to gather information from the interested people and use their information to send your business emails and newsletters. If you are someone who wants to gain more customers or who is reopening after the lockdown break, this Facebook lead ad could be very useful for you. Posting an interesting ad content will attract audiences and help in building new leads and signups for email marketing as well. You may also create audiences to remarket your brand in the future. For Facebook, lead generations always remember to gather little information from the customer. The more you query for their information the client might get irritated and would leave in the mid-process. The best practice rule is to ask for the name and email address only. Also, integrate with your CRM provider to send your newsletter immediately after they sign up. Make sure to have good relevant email contents to keep your clients stay interested in you.

Facebook leads

4. Focus on Remarketing Campaigns

Most of the online shoppers tend to browse products and services and leave the site without any purchase. With people spending more and more time on the internet now, it is the best time to reconnect with your previous customers or probable customers to bring them back to make a sale. Add some exclusive offers, incentives, or special promos to make them feel valued so they continue with the purchase of your products and services. This can also be linked to remarketing where you target the audiences who have shown some kind of interest for your business in past like people who liked or commented on your post, or someone who viewed your business profile or videos. Try segmenting your audiences and set priorities to connect and reconnect with them as better engagement will result in possible sales.

5. Test new ad creatives and audiences

If your business growth has become stagnant or has closed this is the best time to experiment with your ad creativity. Study and try on new creative content in order to target a variety of audiences. If you are willing to test your brand impact on new audiences try to create a new set of ads rather than editing and updating the existing ads. This would give you better clarity on the ad performance by comparing it with existing high performing ads.

Use these pro tips for new ad creatives:

  • Don’t make all changes at a single go, if you change the image don’t change the copy and headline or the other way round.
  • Create ad content that targets the audience’s interest and demand.
  • Try to make your images or videos more creative and capturing.
  • Work on the landing page design and contents.
  • Try to keep the customer info panel short.
Creative ads

6. Facebook and Instagram Live

In this time of social distancing, it is the best way to stay connected with your target audiences. Especially for local businesses that have been roughly hurt by the pandemic they can make this move toward regaining their customers. It is the most inexpensive way of social media marketing all you need to have is a Facebook or Instagram account to go live. 

These live videos will let you have direct interaction with your target audience and engage them in your chat sessions. We all know video marketing has high sales conversion rates than other media, use this real-time video connection to get the best market benefits. As per social media reports, Facebook and Instagram live videos draw 3 times higher engagement than pre-recorded videos.

This is not just for the gain of your business, customers who are at home or are being self-isolated can also have this social engagement, which is very much needed at this time. With good and interesting conversation, you may bond well with your audience which might later turn into sales. Everyone who wants to buy a product or get a service but is in doubt as they cannot reach to verify your brand, this live chat session lets them get all their queries and doubts clear. Also, you may promote your business much better when you know so many people have joined and are interested in your business. 

Follow these pro tips to go live:

  • Don’t make the conversion boring by just talking about business open up on your personal side as well.
  • Ask them questions and make them realize you too are interested in them.
  • Make the session more interactive than just speaking about your business.
  • Give them some offers or vouchers info, or some upcoming sale updates anything that they can be benefitted from.
  • Keep them up to that with all the latest updates regarding your business that they need to know.
Live video


With the ongoing struggle for all the businesses, these social media marketing can be the first and the easiest step to start with the digital world. Use these tips and tricks to make a bold presence of your business in the social media world.

We at Web Mechanics guide you best to grow your business online considering the current market demands and trends. We have been seeing the world for a quite long time now and have gathered all the experiences to scale your business high. For more such digital marketing and social media marketing tips do connect with the leading digital marketing agency in Malaysia who will serve your business to reach out to more clients and be beast on your market grounds.

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