Is your business going down in the COVID-19 pandemic? Need a little booster to get back on track? Here's how:

How Your Business Will Survive The Covid-19 Pandemic; Local Business Edition

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The COVID-19 Pandemic wave initially started in late January 2020 had left us with an enormous effect on our private and professional lives. Many of us had to jump out of our norms just to suits the ongoing situation that in fact had made our lives a bit different than before. In less than a month, people started to lose their jobs, and some businesses were forced to shut down because they couldn’t afford to stay on run.

Protect business from coronavirus

Everything was affected from schools, universities, offices, hypermarkets to the small market off the town. Now that the government is slowly letting people start getting back on track with their daily businesses, seems like some things changed might stay. Regardless, it is not too early to say that a lot of companies and businesses are still struggling in finding the right path covering all their losses of opportunities as well as surviving the upcoming days. Hence, why we gather these important essences so that you can use it in your way of maintaining your business’ stability.

Here are some ways we found good to implement to overcome these hard times which we found rather successful:

Give Back to The Community

Remember Ustaz Ebit Lew? Who knows what he did to those in need when the wave got worse? He helped them. A lot of people experience losses because of the pandemic and this is one way to get back to the community.

You don’t be another UEL or go to that extend, going to rural places just to help those homeless people. But what you can do is offer some free consultations or discounts on your products to your customers. There might be some people who are struggling to have your product or service so help them out by doing this. Anything good like this is highly welcomed and in exchange, you’ll gain more exposure which, positively will stay in the long run.


Spread The Positivity

The most desirable, aspect needed by anyone and everyone during a hard time is positivity and encouragement. We were scared, worried, some even freaked out from the situation and one thing you can do to help them is by spreading positivity. Other than the COVID-19 positivity test, which we wouldn’t want it to increase, positive vibes and behavior need to be pass on from humans to humans even through the visual world only.

Smile and spread positivity

Now, people crave it so you can tell them “Hey, we know that the going can get tough but don’t give up. We are here with you.” Try to make your messages and contents focusing on reassuring your customers that “this too shall pass.”

Digitalize Your World

Since people got their time they wished they had before now they are likely to spend their time online most of it because almost everyone in the country owns a mobile phone. Truth to be told that we can’t resist our phones within an hour of boringness. This includes shopping. Yes, now we’re allowed to go to the shopping malls or hypermarkets but like we’ve mentioned before some habits are here for a stay and that we meant shopping. Believe it or not, people are now much more comfortable shopping online than in physical stores because it’s likely to become a habit. So, if you haven’t got a website, then it’s time to get one. 

When it comes to digital marketing Malaysia, businesses have a lot of options to choose from, whether you need a website or upgrading it, or maybe you need optimization in search engines or you want to do pay-per-click advertisements like Google ads, Facebook ads, and many other social platforms that offer the system.

Digital marketing

No matter what business you’re doing it is actually important to go digital to maintain. Even if you’re doing a service business you can still be online by doing on-camera consultation or online meeting through your website. The influence of digital media is undeniable. A business that goes digital provides its customers with a variety of reading experiences like links, visuals, videos all just in one optimized unique designed web page. This allows you to engage with your customers better. If a customer searches your business on Google and couldn’t find it, chances are he will look for another one. If that so then you might need to search for digital marketing agency Malaysia instead. If you want to know more about this, you can read this article on What is Local SEO and How It Can Help Grow My Business.

PPC Can Make Way For You

You wanna know the ultimate secret of gaining tons of leads a day?

PPC or pay-per-click had helped many businesses exposed to many targeted audiences and now it’s definitely time to start with it. In the traditional way, people go from one person to another to promote their brand or service but in the digital world, we pay the system to do it for us. PPC campaigns by many businesses had stopped because of COVID-19 but overall traffic went up on the web. So, you must not miss the chance and do the PPC campaign for your business now. Even there’s an outbreak going on in the world, people most likely will still shop online.

PPC ads

Users will roam around the internet more often now that they have more time so you can still get valuable traffic even if you’re not offering physical products that can land on their eyes. They’ll probably look for services after the storm ends so hook them now before it’s too late.


Since none of us knows when all of these will end, businesses need to find a way to reach out to audiences. Everyone has been affected by COVID-19 whether severely or not hence we as humans need the word of comfort from others too. Hence, the reason companies also need to change the way they react with customers. People need support from people.

Fight together

These tips can be used at other times too if we ever face another pandemic in the future again, but let’s hope nothing like that will happen. We hope that this tip helps you gain some ideas on how you can deal with these situations. Check out this article on How to Increase Online Sales in This Pandemic Situation to get more awesome tips in marketing your business online! As long as we stand together, help each other, we’ll get through it better.

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