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Secrets Revealed To Get More From Facebook Ads

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Digital marketing in Malaysia is vastly gaining popularity due to the sudden shift of businesses towards online operations. The urge to set up a strong online presence in order to continue with the sales and growth made the marketers come up with new effective online marketing strategies.

In digital marketing, social media is considered to be one of the most effective marketing tools. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest these platforms are not just for entertainment now. They bring big sales conversion for business with active strategies. Facebook marketing Malaysia is highly being used by marketers especially for new start-ups and local businesses to effectively connect with their target audience group. Additionally, Facebook has a micro targetting feature that helps in presenting your ad in front of the correct section of audiences. This means there is a better chance of ROI from Facebook advertising.

The mistake most people do while taking up Facebook advertising is not understanding the objective and targetting options well. Facebook offers many objectives like reach, engagement, conversion, consideration, awareness, etc which is quite confusing even for marketers as well.

We are here to make it easy for you by guiding your way through everything you need to know, for planning your Facebook ad campaign. 

What is the Objective of Facebook Ads?

If you are someone who will work on a Facebook ad for the first time, you will see Facebook offers many campaign objectives. The options they give are innumerable and overwhelming. This is a crucial step of your ad campaign, your selected objective will define how it will work further.

Facebook ad objective

The Facebook ad has three main categories of objectives:

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Conversion

Under each of these, there are sub-categories listed below:

  • Brand Awareness 
  • Reach
  • Traffic
  • Engagement
  • App installs
  • Video views
  • Lead generations
  • Messages 
  • Conversions
  • Catalog sales
  • Store traffic

For beginners, it will be confusing, but to pick the right one that relates to your business goals well is quite tricky. If you have a clear idea of what exactly your primary business goals are, aligning it to your Facebook ad objectives will do the task.

How to get good results out of the Facebook ad investment?

Facebook advertising cost in Malaysia is not that high as compared to other online paid ad campaigns. It is mainly charged based on the number of clicks on the ad. But, the chances of returns are quite high as compared to Google paid ads, as it has the maximum engagement.

Facebook ad goals

Depending on your chosen objective the ad campaign works. If you choose awareness Facebook will work on making your ad reach a maximum of potential customers irrespective of clicks, conversion, and engagement. If you choose Engagement as an objective, Facebook will work on getting Likes, Comments, and Share. It’s your command by selecting an objective to define the task of Facebook to boost your post.

Facebook Boost Post by Default

Facebook considers engagement objective by default while boosting your post. But this boost will not help you in getting sales and clicks into your sales funnel. So, getting with the correct ad objective is very much needed to achieve your target while setting up Facebook ad campaigns. 

Facebook Know Us Well

As we have been spending time on Facebook for years now, our activities on Facebook are tracked wisely. Facebook is capable of creating an accurate consumer profile based on our post, likes, comments, share, purchase on Facebook, visiting websites, or blogs. Our actions are well analyzed to categorized ourselves into customer categories.

Facebook activities

The Facebook algorithm works incredibly well, they place ads on our timelines based on our interests and actions. This helps businesses to reach out to their target customers in a more strategic way through the Facebook ad.  

Still, Confuse With the Facebook Objective?

On Facebook, there are many objectives listed, but as per my experience I would suggest businesses, primarily to work on the 4 objectives mentioned below:


If your business intention is website driven then this objective will give you the best results. Facebook promotes your ads to those people who are more likely to visit your site and get your conversion rate higher. If your business demands inflow of people to your site, filling up forms, opt-in all these will be served well with this objective. 


You may use Facebook Pixel to track your conversion progress. This will give you a better understanding of the ROI on each conversion action by your target customers and would also help to redesign your next campaigns accordingly.


If you are new in the business gaining traffic to your website should be your prime objective. The Facebook traffic objective help to raise your brand’s awareness by making it reach the maximum number of potential customers. For startups instead of jumping on to conversion goals first, you need to make your business visible enough to get spotted.

traffic objective

Even if you are an affiliate or want to promote some blogs or any third-party website, this is the best objective to work on. With the promotion activities, Facebook understands which audiences will respond better to your objective and would serve your ad to them.


One of the key strategies of a successful social media campaign is to build a good relationship with your target audiences. Engagement activities on social media help you achieve that. This can be done in many ways like:

  • replying to comments.
  • commenting on similar posts.
  • sharing and participating in similar groups.
  • Post quizzes, polls, giveaways, shoutouts.
  • Live video to interact with your audiences in real-time.
  • Replying to messages.
engagement ads

All these will not only help you build a good relationship with your potential customers but also understand them well which will help to frame your next activity. 

Catalog Sales

Facebook dynamic ad

This is best for eCommerce stores that target both new and existing customers. This objective help you run dynamic ads for people who have already visited your site by sending them images, post, ads specific to their interest, and previous experience. It also helps in targeting customers of other sites similar to your business with ads that are based on their previous interaction history.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know the objectives of Facebook advertising well, try to map it with your business intentions and goals. When you are clear about the goals you want to achieve the strategic planning of Facebook ad campaigns would be way better. 

Digital marketing Malaysia is evolving every day with new trends and techniques and the best way to grow big in the digital world is to stay in line with the current trends and in relevant with your customer interest. 

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