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SEO vs SMM: SMEs Guide to Digital Marketing for 2020-21

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You got the website, you got the online presence now it is the time to generate more traffic, this is where digital marketing comes in. With an increase in people’s engagement with the digital world, digital marketing Malaysia is also spreading its wings wide for the larger growth of businesses to get into the global market. No matter what your website goal is either to get ad placements, to make a global reach, or to sell some products or services, you need to market it well to achieve it.

Social media marketing Malaysia has also proven to be one of the far-reaching tools of marketing in the digital world. These social media platforms are not just mere entertainment tool, they are now the most sought-after weapons in the marketing world.

For beginners, digital marketing is surely a vast world and might feel tricky to start with. Terms like SEO, PPC might sound common but to know what exactly they are and how they work will surely be interesting learning. And, when it comes to applying on your own business the approaches can be overwhelming.

Here we will make your task a bit easier by explaining to you the four important tactics that almost all marketers abide by. We will help you to understand how these strategies work and where are they applicable.

SEO: Search Engine Optimization

SEO is all about optimizing your website in order to get ranked on the top pages of SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) like Google. It might sound simple but the process is quite crafty.

Seo ranking

There are multiple ways to optimize your website content to get listed on the top pages of SERP. You might get different instructions from different people about what worked for them well. It can vary for different websites and businesses, so it is better to understand it a bit more in-depth.

The most important element of optimizing your website is adding fresh and original content. But, this doesn’t mean you need to provide extra-ordinary unrelatable contents. The main intention should be adding easy, simple, digestible, and relatable content for the readers to enjoy what they are reading, instead of scratching their heads. There is also a popular myth of stuffing keywords unnecessarily to optimize content. This strategy doesn’t work anymore, unnecessary stuffing of keywords that does not add any sense can get you penalized by Google.

There are many do’s and don’ts to follow to optimize your website content. Here I am listing a few pointers that need to be followed to optimize your content in a planned way.

  • Make your headlines or title catchy enough to grab attention.
  • Use a purposeful amount of distinct keywords that make sense as per your content.
  • Have a well-defined structure for your article or blog. This makes it easy for the readers and search engines to filter out the most important information from the article. It is always advisable to keep paragraphs and sentences short and also using headers and sub-headers to create sections making it look clean and easy to read.
  • Using images wisely and in a planned manner. Go for images that relate to the content. It is also important to add alt text to every image you are using which is a short-formatted description. You may also add the keyword as the alt text for any image in the article that is relatable.
  • Use linking to optimize your content. You may add internal and external links to your article. Internal linking means adding links to other pages of your website but make sure it is relevant enough to the current article content. External linking is about linking some other reputable website links that hold a good rank on the search engines. Also, do take care you do not link your competitors’ website for external linking this might divert traffic to their site.
  • Backlinking to generate more traffic. You may add your website links to some reputed websites to redirect traffic or gain readers’ attention.

There are many more ways to optimize your website, but these above-mentioned SEO tactics are good to start.

SEM: Search Engine Marketing

People tend to confuse SEO and SEM and assume them to be the same. This is absolutely not, SEO is all about generating organic traffic to your website and SEM is about getting paid traffic to your website. It is all about getting paid online advertising space on the top pages of search engines.

SEM Marketing

The process goes with advertisers or marketers bidding on certain highly used keywords that people usually search for the intended business. This bidding is done automatically by assigning specific pricing parameters. The one who wins the bid will be able to list his/her website on the top page of the search engine, thus making it more visible for potential customers.

The keyword is the most important tool for SEM even more than SEO. As in SEM, you need to pay for the keyword to get listed on the top page of search engines, so it better be the best keyword. It is advisable to do proper research on the popular keywords that are most commonly used for your business and go for SEM based on those keywords.

Pay-per-click or PPC is one such SEM tool where marketers need to pay only when someone clicks on the ad. It is always good to go for SEM if you are selling something online and want people to know about it. Anyone who is searching for a specific product or service with a common keyword is surely looking for it, so getting listed on top can higher the chances of getting clicked and sales.

SMO: Social Media Optimization

Social Media channels are not just for entertainment now, they are beneficial tools to optimize your online business. This can be used to raise awareness of your brand targeting a larger section of audiences through different social media platforms. We all know there are many social media platforms but not all platforms work for all businesses. You need to choose the correct platforms depending on your business and your target audience engagement on specific platforms.

Social media optimization

The main idea of SMO is to create a high-level social media brand name for your business for people to know. The better your contents and posts are more and more people will share and interact with which might lead to a dedicated follower or even a client.

SMM: Social Media Marketing

This is similar to SMO with an additional feature where you can create ads for paid campaigns. Digital marketing agency Malaysia is much fond of social media marketing tools as it is easy to get more customer attention from the paid ad campaigns on social media platforms.

Social media marketing benefits

You might have seen ad campaigns appearing on your Facebook and Instagram pages even if you have not followed the brand, this is what SMM ad campaigns do. It will grab user attention by featuring on the newsfeed pages of the social media platforms to redirect you to the business website.

Social media marketing Malaysia is also seeing its growth in terms of brand promotion even for local businesses. This is due to much involvement of people on social media platforms making it easy for local brands to reach out to potential customers. 

Get to know more about how to grow your business with social media marketing

SMO is creating brand awareness on social media for long-term marketing purposes whereas SMM is much more focussed and precise towards its target audiences.

Paid vs Organic Traffic


Be it SEO, SMO, or SEM, SMM all is important when it comes to optimizing your website online. 

SEO and SMO drive organic traffic to grow your business and reach out to a larger section of audiences. This requires a proper amount of time to be invested to look upon the posts and their credibility. You need to be consistent with your posts and also have patience while analyzing the results. Based on your progress and proper analysis you might get to understand which type of post works better and can get maximum engagement. It is a continuous process where you need to come up with creative ideas of posting that should be relatable to your customers to make them feel interested. This approach might take time but will surely build a strong foundation for your business in the online world.

SEM and SMM are short terms goals to get a fast response. SEM and SMM can do the same but in a much faster way with instant results. If you want to sell some products and services quickly especially when they have some kind of promotions it is good to go for SEM and SMM to get it noticed by a larger amount of people. You can have ad spending on special occasions or promotions but these cannot be the strategy to be on top for the long run.

It is also important to note the qualities of website traffic. It is not always paid traffics is better than organic traffics. Visitors from paid traffic need immediate results so your website needs to be designed to serve the purpose. Whereas organic traffics is more precise with their search and gives a way to explore and study. For both kinds of traffics, your website needs to serve well.

It’s time to see which strategy will work best for your business

The best strategy to grow your business online is to use a combination of both paid and unpaid methods.

Digital marketing

It basically depends on your business goals and the nature of potential clients. Before you move ahead get answers clear for these questions:

  • How much is the budget for online marketing?
  • Would you be able to spend enough time and effort to achieve long term SEO and SMO goals?
  • Does your business currently, need short term goal returns?

Once you have clarity on the answers to these questions you are good to make a decision on the online marketing strategy. Your business goals, efforts, investments, and your target customers are the deciding factors to get on the joyful ride of digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Agency Malaysia is also optimizing themselves well by striking a balance between paid and unpaid methods to help the business grow better and bigger. Instead of thinking too much just get started to get your business in the digital world, any kind of investment in digital marketing is worth the return.

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