Why Social Commerce Will Rule The World?

The Ultimate Guide to Why Social Commerce Will Rule Social Media In 2021

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With the unusual year passing by we have seen a major shift in businesses towards digitalization. With the growth in Digital Marketing Malaysia and other parts of the global market, the social media platform has proven to be the most effective tool in terms of online marketing. Social media marketing is changing and evolving faster than the prediction, some credit surely goes to this unprecedented COVID situation in the world.

In online marketing, social commerce is another hottest trend coming up and is foretold to be the game-changer of online business.

What is this Social Commerce all about?

It is a short cut way to sell products online without bearing the pain of having an eCommerce website. Many social media sites provide platforms for sellers to sell their products through their sites. It is easier both for sellers and consumers, the seller doesn’t need to take the pain of getting a website and driving traffic to the site through promotion also for consumers they can shop easily on their familiar social media sites. We have often come across this kind of practice in Facebook marketing Malaysia sellers are found highly incited by this feature.

How will Social Commerce change the online store game?

You have seen many marketplaces on Facebook, that are open to all. When sellers place their products it is easily accessible to larger sections of audiences, even without promoting much. It also offers the privilege of directly contacting the seller or customer through messenger which also implies a fast response. For an eCommerce store, at first, it needs to be built well with all the features and trends to provide the best user experience. The task doesn’t end there you need to optimize it well to get a high ranking in SERP. Also, work on other online promotion activities like email marketing, social media marketing to drive the traffic to your site. After doing all these, turnaround chances are less than 10%.

Let’s compare this with Social Commerce

Social commerce provides easy and direct access for sellers to connect with the target group. With chatbots or messenger, you can send messages to 99% of the group members in one go. The open rates for social media chats are 75% high than emails. As more people see the messages and can also reply back with queries to the seller, with more interaction and bonding the chances of sales are way better here.

social commerce marketing funnel

It is said, shopper duals around four different stages of the shopping experience which are:

  • Convenience
  • Shopping as play
  • Shopping as exploration
  • Shopping as entertainment

The online stores do fulfill the convenience and shopping as play factors but fail for the last two. Whereas social commerce takes care of all the four factors that influence shoppers to shop. Social media is nothing new for us more than 80% of internet users are now on social media, it gives the shopper a sense of known behavior which is way simpler to understand and execute.

Here are some stats to prove my words

Social commerce sales
  • 30% of online shoppers are keen to shop from social media sites rather than browsing eCommerce sites.
  • Shoppers find the shopping experience to be more transparent as they can directly connect to the sellers at any time.
  • Social media chats and messenger open rates are 75% higher than email.
  • The social media spend time has drastically increased than any other apps and even more than TV time spend this year.
  • The social media referral traffic has also grown by 100% in the last two years.

How to get started with Social Commerce this 2021?

1. Identify the suitability of your business and limit sales to low-cost products

Before jumping on, the first check is your business suitable enough for the social eCommerce business. Not all types of businesses might go with this platform. Check on the demand for the products you sell and the availability of customers you targetting. Once you see your business is fit to go, limit your product pricing to low. Social commerce is generally for low-budget sales. Start with low-cost good quality products, build customers’ trust, and raise your brand awareness then start placing on higher range products.

2. Get prepared with the right tools

There are many tools that can ease up more on the social commerce task. One such tool is ManyChat that helps you to combine all Facebook messages and SMSs. This helps to manage both lead collection and sales conversion. Jumper.ai is another tool, that pre-built automated chatbots, for the checkout process. This can be easily integrated with Instagram. 

multi messenger

Every now and then new features are being introduced in various social media platforms keep a check on them and try to use them to understand it better.

3. Influencer Impact and promotions

Influencer promotion

Influencers and community promotions are powerful tools for social commerce. You may appoint influencers to promote your product with a buyable pin to redirect visitors to shop. The same goes for other group members as well to share and promote your product with direct buying options.

4. Map your strategy

Map your strategies as per your target customers’ interest that can drive sales. The prime goal of social commerce to make people click the buy button and complete a sale. So, the best way to measure your plans and strategies is to see how many sales have you cracked.

Do not get disheartened if it doesn’t work fast, remember it is still a new trend making its place. Give time to the audience to understand and connect to them with relevant and relatable content, frequent interaction, live videos, etc.

Wrapping Up

The world of digital marketing and its ever-evolving trends are hard to predict. This is the place where you cannot play safe, you need to experiment and impersonate new trends and features, you never know what clicks for you. Many of the digital marketing agency Malaysia, are getting prepared with social commerce strategies that are sought to bring a better prospect for small to medium scale business in the online world.

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