Are you well prepared for your online marketing strategy In this Covid-19 pandemic?

Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends To Follow During and Post COVID-19

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The world is evolving around us so are the marketing technologies. Digital Marketing Malaysia is also rising to its peak with the growing demand for Malaysian businesses to go online. Be it small scale or multinational companies every business has been affected by some way or the other due to this pandemic. With the changing business and marketing traits, digital marketing in Malaysia is also reaching its peak. The shift of businesses towards digital marketing was well predicted much earlier, but the sudden surge in its demand due to the pandemic situation was totally unexpected. Due to which many businesses who did not go online or digital were not well prepared to beat the pandemic battle. 

In the past days, apps like Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat, TikTok were used for entertainment, but now, with the growing demand for digital marketing, social media marketing is also gaining its peak, especially for SMEs. Facebook marketing Malaysia is also trending and is highly used by business marketers to reach out to more and more clients. All these social media platforms have become major tools for digital marketers to raise brand awareness and reach out to potential customers.

Digital Marketing is here to stay for Long…

Many business owners might think this trend is a temporary effect due to the pandemic. And, this would fade away when all this tragedy is over, people will move back to their normal way of buying and selling. If you are thinking the same your business is sure to fall out soon, and that’s true. Even though the pandemic ends, the trend of digital marketing will continue. Once the people have found the comfort of surviving with their daily needs from their home itself, even though things get back to normal people will want to enjoy these services by just browsing on their phones and laptops. And if your business is not capable of providing this, your competitors will take care of your customers with all the convenient options. Also, it has become very important to prepare yourself and your business to deal with any other future misfortune. As life is unpredictable we were not aware of this pandemic in 2020 and so were not prepared to tackle it. But not again prepare your business to handle any kind of situation in order to sustain and continue its service at all times.

Digital marketing

Check on these top 5 digital marketing trends that will continue to emerge and proceed even when everything will move back to normal.

Moving Away From On-Demand Inventory Model

During this lockdown, you have surprisingly seen how some of the essential products have run out of stock. There was a sudden spike in demand for the face masks, hand sanitizers, and toilet papers, the stores, and the manufacturers were unable to fill the market demand.

No stock of necessary items
A sign is posted at pharmacy U pharm that says face mask and hand sanitizer are already out of stock, in Kuala Lumpur. AZHAR MAHFOF/The Star (19/2/2020)

Many businesses were not able to supply the essentials and many were not able to manufacture them in this surplus amount to meet the need. This was a huge loss in part of the market system and supply chain making them not capable enough to match the market need. 

Not just daily essentials there can be a huge need for some unexpected products or services that were never in demand before. One such example is gym equipment, during this lockdown as people were not able to carry on with their normal fitness routine, there was a huge demand for home fitness items to carry on with their fitness routine from their home. Due to the sudden hike of demand for these items the stores were not able to fulfill the market needs and resulted in out of stocks. 

So, while preparing your business it is very important to take care of the on-demand inventory model. Online shopping is sure to stay for the long run, but the physical store will also remain for their backroom stock. Always keep a check on your brand stocks and supply chains, so that in case of any emergency situation you can carry with your business and meet your customer’s expectations.

Quality is always better than Cheaper Pricing

The consumer approach is also changing, they value quality products over cheaper replacements. They prefer value over low pricing due to the fear of uncertainty and distrust. 

quality over price

We have already seen some of these examples during pandemic like the face masks, hand sanitizers, and toilet paper. Due to the heavy demand, there were many low-grade similar options for these products but people preferred the one with quality and did not compromise with their health essentials. Try to understand your customer perspective and your brand well, if you can deliver a quality product or service your customer will surely avail your brand. Even if you try to lower the price by degrading the quality, you can never make your customer happy and satisfied. It is the trust you build with your customers through your brand that will stay longer than any deals and offers.

Consumers More Sceptical than Ever Before

In this digital era, the spread of fake news and information is similar to that of spreading coronavirus. During the COVID time, we have seen so many fake news regarding medicines, remedies in social media platforms, WhatsApp Chats, and even in news channels. There were also speculations on the origin of this deadly virus and many political spins. But the audiences have become much more intelligent and immune to this kind of fake news. They want proper validation and authentication to believe and trust.

Consumer trust

The same goes for brands just boasting about your brand will not convince your customer you need to put forward proper validation for your brand. This can be done by bringing up customer review videos, influencer marketing, and creating content that is real and relatable for the customers to connect to. To build trust among your target customer interactive content and a focus on personalization are keys to moving forward.

Loss of Aversion Psychology

This is what we can easily relate to our lives, but you know this is also applicable when it comes to businesses. Loss aversion means how people fear losses more than acquiring gains. As per human psychology studies, loss aversion is twice powerful than the acquisition of something. This is a well-known strategy for marketers to deal with businesses. 

Though it might not sound good to use people fear as a business trick this is how it gets hit. With the COVID-19 effect, the air of uncertainty is flowing all around so the business owner will be more towards taking care of what they possess rather than aspiring for more. It is very much needed to look for new customers to grow your business but it would be foolish if you lose your existing customer in the process. Try to stay connected with them, create content as per their past interests and likings, send some personalized notes or mails to make them feel valued, and how much you care for them. A good relationship and continued connectivity either via social media platforms or email marketing will keep your existing customer glued to you.

The decline of Non-digital Ads

This was expected a long time back with the emerging technologies all around. The intervention of the pandemic this year has made this dissolution of non-digital ads quite fast. With increase inclination of businesses towards online marketing, there has been a sharp dip on Billboards, signs, and other outdoor ads.

Blank billboard advertisement

As people are spending more time indoor their screen time has also increased, people are found more involved on social media platforms. This has given rise to Facebook advertising in Malaysia as well as it is easy to reach out to a larger section of audiences. 

Outdoor advertising requires more resources, efforts, materials, time, and space as compared to digital or social media advertising. 

Digital advertising allows you to experiment a lot without much effort, you may leverage live video and other relevant video content, and can add in the help of artificial intelligence if needed. In digital advertising, it is all about smart work rather than hard work you need to create content that focuses on customer experience and customer retention. You may have interactive content and personalization to make it more impactful by curbing the power of marketing automation. Digital ads also allow you to create real-time ads with video marketing, to create a customer journey that the audiences can connect to.

Wrapping Up

The smarter way to sustain your business is to follow the latest trends in marketing. With everything going digital and with the changing customer approach you need to match up to all these expectations. The digital marketing approach is the best way to be on the limelight thereby raising your brand awareness, reaching out to more customers, and also keeping a check on your competitors. Digital Marketing Agency Malaysia is seeing high demand from local businesses to improve their marketing strategies and grow their business in the online market. It is high time to get yourself prepared with these digital marketing trends for your uninterrupted business progress.

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